Who I Am

My name is Kim Pendergast, and I’m running for re-election to the SEMA Board of Directors. I have been the CEO and Owner of Magnuson Superchargers for 10 years.

I have been around the block enough times to acquire both scars and, I hope, wisdom. I am a serial entrepreneur with 44-years of experience in business and 15 years in the automotive aftermarket. I am an experienced board member and passionate volunteer, having served on five boards in the automotive industry.

I am excited about this industry and its future, the businesses who make it dynamic and fun, the employees who put their hearts into every part and the service it requires, and our customers – enthusiasts extraordinaire.

I was raised in Indiana, live in CT with my husband, and work in Ventura, CA.

Why am I running
for re-election?

Simple: I believe it is CRITICAL that we PROTECT our industry—my business and your business—from increasing ATTACKS by the EPA and restrictive government regulations. I will be a voice in the boardroom pushing for our industry—through SEMA—to mount an aggressive and effective response in Washington.
I ask for your vote for the SEMA Board of Directors this election.


In 47 years, I have built and run companies in 5 unique industries. In the past 18 years I have had the absolute joy of working on everything from NASCAR Cup engines for Dodge to Superchargers for Toyota and COPO Camaro for GM. I have served on 14 Boards, 5 in the automotive aftermarket.


We must lean into, in fact embrace, new technology while influencing its regulatory implementation to ensure the aftermarket is not banned from playing a role in the future modification and development of vehicles. We must activate enthusiasts in the fight for their FREEDOM to choose their vehicles and their right to modify them.


I’ve been a SEMA member since 2004, served on the SEMA Board and SEMA PAC. I have supported SBN, and Chaired the Scholarship (Now the Student Program) Committee. I have participated in numerous educational panels for SEMA.

Why I’m Running

Our Industry is Under Attack

As a businessowner and manufacturer, I feel our industry- your company and my company- are deeply threatened by the EPA, by technological disruption such as vehicle electrification and driver disempowerment from overrides such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.) We have heard talk of this for years but, for the first time, its very real, there are issues to address now, and it’s time to act. Politicians and the public must understand the immense size and importance of our industry. We can do this by creating individual SEMA memberships. We are not 7,000 businesses, rather we are eight million enthusiasts who vote. We need to protect our rights from a consumer level all the way to the manufacturer level. SEMA must act to look out for our interests, and I am running to ensure they do.

Stronger Industry Advocacy in Washington

Politicians and the public must understand the immense size and influence of our industry, and we can do this by creating individual SEMA memberships. We are not just 7,000 businesses; we are eight million voters.

Get Ahead of New Technology Trends

In order to get good government decision making, we must lean into and embrace new technology and have a role in influencing its regulatory implementation to ensure the aftermarket is not banned from playing a role in the future modification and development of vehicles.

Putting SEMA Members First

SEMA’s focus on the SEMA show can be expanded. We must establish who we are to America, to congress, to regulators, and to our youth. We must take our future into our own hands and make it work for our memebers.

Nile Cornelison

Passionate. Driven. Visionary. Just a few descriptors of the Kim Pendergast I have had the joy of knowing since she entered the industry 18 years ago. Her 35 years of owning various manufacturing companies, understanding domestic & international logistics channels, and now owning Ventura, CA based Magnuson Superchargers, a 50-year SEMA member manufacturer, makes her an ideal candidate for the upcoming manufacturer seat on the SEMA BOD. As the Magnuson Supercharger owner/CEO, she has led the company through the CARB process, grown a long-term Toyota award winning relationship, and became the supercharger provider for GM’s COPO Camaro, adding depth to the value she can bring to the SEMA BOD table. In these uncertain times, I want you to know Kim Pendergast is representing our industry, the one I have dedicated my entire life to. Our industry needs, we need, her strategic and operational skills. I urge you to re-elect Kim Pendergast to the 2024 Board of Directors.

Nile Cornelison
SEMA Hall of FAME, SEMA Person of the Year, SEMA Board Member 8 years

Maureen Magnuson

I would like to endorse Kim Pendergast for SEMA Board of Directors. My husband, Jerry, and I decided to put our company up for sale 10 years ago. We wanted the prospective buyer to take a real interest in the product and the employees. Kim has proven to be a worthy choice and has not disappointed us in any way. She has continued to be involved with SEMA from day one. Also, she has demonstrated leadership qualities, worked relentlessly and achieved amazing goals. Kim kept the Magnuson name and tradition alive over these past 10 years facilitating an admirable work ethic…and also has become a very special friend.

Maureen Magnuson
Former Owner Magnuson Products

Ken Lingenfelter

I would like to strongly endorse Kim Pendergast for the 2024 SEMA board of directors. I have known Kim many years and we have partnered on numerous projects. She is competent, confident, experienced, and qualified in many areas of the automotive business. I find Kim’s operational and strategic skills exceptional. These skills are essential to protect the future of our industry in these uncertain times. That is why I urge you to join me in re-electing Kim to the 2024 SEMA board of directors.

Ken Lingenfelter
Owner, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering and The Lingenfelter Collection

Ron Coleman

I have known Kim since 2016. I'm impressed with what she has accomplished in her short time on the board. She transformed the mission of the scholarship committee, she was a strong and consistent supporter of SEMA garage and strong member of the PAC board. I know I want her on the board fighting for me and for our industry.

Ron Coleman
CEO, Driven Racing Oil

Doug Evans

I'm supporting Kim Pendergast for one of two open manufacturer seats. Kim is spot on when it comes to her views on legislation and regulation which, as you know, is becoming increasingly important once again. The politicians seem to keep trying to take away everything we hold near and dear and Kim is vigilant in her efforts to protect us from that. Please vote for Kim Pendergast for the manufacturer seat!

Doug Evans
President, High Performance Advisors

Daniel Gresham

I have known and worked with Kim for over 40 years. I have seen her successfully perform in sales, operations, and financial roles. Kim has proven herself as CEO and owner of Magnuson Superchargers as well as an incumbent member of SEMA's Board. Her most impressive talent is her ability to recognize and strategically react to a changing business environment. It is hard to find superior operational and strategic skills in one executive, but that is what Kim has and is why she is the right person to return to the SEMA Board in this uncertain time for our industry. I urge you to re-elect Kim to the SEMA board.

Daniel Gresham
Former SEMA Secretary Treasurer, former SEMA Board member, ongoing member of the Investment Committee, and founding Board member of the SEMA Data Co-op

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