I have 47 years of business experience—including manufacturing, distribution and finance--the last 18 years of which have been in the automotive aftermarket. I own and run two SEMA member companies. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of SEMA, having taken Dr. Jaime Meyer’s seat when he became President of PRI. In SEMA, I served as Chair of the Scholarship Committee (now Student Program Committee), member of the SEMA PAC board, SEMA President’s Club, Chairman of the Person of the Year Task Force, member of The SEMA Businesswoman’s Network.

Professional Experience

Foundation—Grounded in the Heartland.

Born on an Indiana farm, I was introduced to a small business heritage early, as our family also built and ran a small plastics manufacturing company. Along with learning the finer skills of cleaning a factory toilet, I absorbed first-hand how small businesses operate. I attended Indiana University and received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business with a focus in finance.

Wide ranging experience

My first job after college was overseas in Germany, working for a global packaging company. I held management positions in finance, human resources, marketing, sales and strategy, and first encountered Government disruption: The government compelled our industry to adopt an uneconomic metal and plastic recycling process, which we had to successfully overcome. Next, I joined a US publicly traded copier company and worked directly in distribution with our dealer/partners, who were the best in the business. After leaving to start my own consulting business, I was asked by the board of directors to return to either do a turnaround or sell the company. I saw the industry challenged by technology disruption, moving from copiers to printers, and brought about a timely sale of the business to Ricoh of America for over $40 million, double previous offers. As a consultant, I worked for the U.S. leadership of Asea Brown Boveri, a $28B Swedish Swiss company in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment, and automation technology. Additionally, I consulted for 7 years for AT&T, building their consumer products strategy and, with Bell Labs, launching new technologies to cope with technology disruption as analog long lines were being replaced by digital, upending established market positions.

Serial Entrepreneur

I left corporate life at 34 to start my own consulting business, but before opening the doors of my business, I went to Washington to work on Bush senior’s 1988 election campaign. Asked to run the Inaugural day Parade, I chose instead to get my business started with consulting activities mentioned above. Using capital earned from my consulting business, I bought the assets of a warehouse and order fulfillment business from Random house. We built a sales force, billing, credit and collections services for independent publishers, and achieved $70 million in revenues in less than 12 months despite challenges from Technology disruption as digital media technology was speeding a transformation from physical books to digital. I next founded a dedicated freight pay business for a multibillion-dollar distribution client. There began my intense interest in the future of distribution, supply chain and the efficient consumer response (ECR), a revolutionary concept in the grocery store industry which foresaw the disintermediation (technology disruption) of many industries, including ours.

Automotive Career

I was an early investor in MSD ignition, which sparked my interest in the automotive world. Since then, in the past 18 years, I’ve been fully involved in the automotive segment, most notably with a NASCAR engine builder, a marketing company which produced the largest HEMI website at the time (Shop-HEMI.com), and Magnuson Superchargers. They, like all aftermarket companies, are facing the strong headwinds of technology disruption and intense government regulation.

Magnuson Superchargers

I acquired Magnuson in 2010 from its larger-than-life owners Jerry and Maureen Magnuson with my own money, bolstered by friends and family and a lender. Today, Magnuson has over 50 employees and a global presence with over 125 supercharger applications. Besides the aftermarket, we served as supplier to Toyota, Lotus and GM.

Board Experience

During my career I have served on 15 boards, 6 in the automotive aftermarket including SEMA, SEMA PAC Chair, Arrington Engines, Connects Marketing (www.shopHemi.com), Super PAC Chair, and Magnuson Superchargers.

Awards And Accomplishments

Athena Woman of the Year

I was honored to receive the 2018 SEMA businesswoman’s Network Athena Woman of the Year.

2 Toyota Gold Awards

Magnuson has 10 years certified as IATF and won two Toyota Gold Awards under my watch.

Henry Crown Fellow

In 1997, I was one of 20 business leaders under 45 to receive a fellowship to receive leadership training at the Aspen Institute.

Honored Guest: Learning Spring Elementary School

Honored at annual dinner for helping found Learning Spring School for children on the autistic spectrum

SEMA Speaker

Speaker at SEMA awards banquet and numerous educational panels.

Volunteering Background

The automotive aftermarket has welcomed me like no other industry. After decades of corporate and multi-industry experience I have found my fit. SEMA is the best trade organization I have ever been involved with. I believe in more than giving back, I believe that for a trade organization and its members to thrive they must integrate their efforts, working together for a common goal.
Never more important than now, we must activate our members, politicians, regulators, and enthusiasts to protect our industry for our employees, our youth and the products we love. I am prepared to do just that.

Scooters Brothers

Kim has been an invaluable asset to SEMA, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and dedication to the table. As the owner of Magnuson Superchargers, Kim has demonstrated exceptional leadership and a deep understanding of the automotive aftermarket industry. Kim’s previous terms as a SEMA director have been marked by tireless commitment and significant contributions to the organization’s mission. Her insights and strategic vision have helped guide SEMA through various challenges and opportunities, ensuring its continued success as the leading voice of the automotive aftermarket industry.

Scooters Brothers
President, Driven Racing Oils

Daniel Gresham

It is my pleasure to again endorse Kim Pendergast for the Board of SEMA. I have known Kim for over 30 years and I continue to be impressed by her intelligence, creativity and high moral standard. It is obvious to all that our industry is changing in a variety of ways. Some of these changes will present significant challenges to many industry participants. We need Board members who not only know the industry, but who can react creatively with purpose and energy to the inevitable challenges we will face. Kim is that kind of person and I believe that she will continue to be a significant asset to the Board and to SEMA members in general.

Daniel Gresham
Daniel Gresham Former SEMA Secretary Treasurer, former SEMA Board member, ongoing member of the Investment Committee, and founding Board member of the SEMA Data Co-op

Russel Stephens

My name is Russell Stephens and I am endorsing Kim Pendergast for the SEMA Board of Directors. I spent over 40 years in the automotive aftermarket and during that time spent 25 years volunteering for SEMA including serving three terms on the SEMA Board of Directors. Kim is a unique individual who brings tremendous value to the Board. Why vote for Kim? Kim is an entrepreneur who started 5 businesses, she sits on multiple corporate Boards and is a sitting SEMA Board member now, Kim loves this industry and has been the owner of Arrington Engines before becoming CEO of Magnuson, being on the Board requires a consensus builder. Kim has an extensive network of relationships and has the rare ability to explain her viewpoint and get buy-in from the rest of the directors, simply put, Kim is good for our industry. I endorse Kim Pendergast for the SEMA Board of Directors.

Russel Stephens
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Pertonix Performance Brands

Rose Kawasaki

It takes a unique individual to volunteer their time and serve as a Board Member of a Non-Profit Trade Association. Kim has a proven record of building successful businesses and represents SEMA and its Member Companies unequivocally by her knowledge and dedication to our Industry and its future. Having served alongside Kim, I have witnessed first-hand that she is one of the first ones to roll up her sleeves to protect our Members’ rights, especially as it pertains to Legislation and Regulation. She is the right choice at the right time. I support Kim in her re-election to the SEMA Board of Directors and hope that you will vote for her too.

Rose Kawasaki
Retired Vice President, Exports International LLC, Creative Director of Car Guy Adventures LLC

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